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We support you throughout all the necessary stages to ensure that you're fully compliant and meet the criteria set by our clients. We understand it can be daunting to move to a new country, but you have us. 

We will assist you throughout all the stages to ensure that you're fully qualified for the role you're applying for. We also assist you with job applications, interview arrangements, and (if successful) visa applications, booking flight, arranging your short-term accommodation when you arrive overseas, etc.

We will advise and guide you to the best of our ability in an honest, professional and friendly manner.


Are you ready for a new experience in a new environment? Are you a nurse, doctor or healthcare professional? Apply TODAY and we will be with you every step of the way.

Submit your application form and resume to begin your job search today!

Which of the following achievements have you attained?

Send your CV/Résumé to Once submitted one of our recruiters will contact you to advance with the process.

Thanks for submitting! We will respond to you as soon as possible


To make your next decision easier, we have put together a list of the most common questions we receive. Take a look at the FAQs below. If you still have some concerns, please Contact us and we'll respond to you as soon as possible. 

  • What is the recruitment process?
    Thorough vetting process, we check and validate all documents, certificates, job history, Registration number, PIN, References, passport, DBS Check/ police report, etc to ensure the candidate meets the set criteria: We provide support, advice and guidance throughout every stage of the process so you're never alone
  • How long is the recruitment process?
    It varies. It depends on various factors. For example, where you are on the criteria step as well as the response time from the governing bodies in your country
  • How do I know if I meet the criteria?
    Simply CONTACT US and we will be in touch within 48hrs to confirm if you meet the criteria. You can also chat with us below. If you don't meet the criteria, we can also advise you on what steps to take and which organisation to contact in your country to acquire the required certifications.
  • I don't have a computer. How do I apply for jobs?
    Once you get in touch with us, we will ensure that you meet the criteria set by our clients. We will then send your CV to the employer and subsequently arrange your video interview. However, you may be required to have access to a smart phone, a stable network or advise you to find an internet café at the scheduled time for your interview.
  • What assistance do I get with the OSCE exams?
    New trainees go through five weeks of intense, tailor-made tuition at the client's training centres to get you equipped and better prepared for the exams.
  • Where will I live?​
    Most of the hospitals we work with offer free accommodation for the first 2-6 weeks to allow you to settle in and find your feet. After that, you’ll need to find your own accommodation. Where that is, depends on your own wants and needs. Ask yourself – Do you want to live closer to the city or in a smaller town? Do you want to live by yourself or with housemate(s)? How many housemates? Travel links with buses and trains are good within UK towns and cities but some of the more rural areas will work on a reduced service. It is important to look at the local transport links and find out what bus/rail services you will need to take and if these times coincide with your shift patterns. Hospitals will also provide parking for a fee if you wish to drive. Either way we're happy to guide and assist you in finding an accommodation. Here are a few options to finding an accommodation: ​ • – for rooms available in shared houses • – for properties to rent/buy • – for property to rent • Local estate agents will also advertise properties to rent on their websites • Find out if your hospital has a staff notice board, sometimes people may advertise rooms/properties for rent. “Info to Display”.
  • How much spending money do I bring with me?
    That's entirely dependent on you, Most of our clients will provide you with provisions and meal vouchers till you receive your 1st pay cheque/ wages
  • What is the salary?
    It varies and yet to be negotiated depending on the employer and is likely to be based on experience and location.
“A very professional firm. I dealt with Hannah and she was very polite and straight to the point"

Ade, Nigeria

“A great agency. Very responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. Great assistance with my move from Ghana to UK. Without them I would've been definitely overwhelmed "

Lucinda, Ghana

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